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Posted 10 months ago

Austra - Olympia Review

For the most part the record’s faster beat and pulsing bass is woven less obtrusively into the whole. Olympia offers a more ornate and complex upgrade on Feel It Break’s straight ahead electropop that also makes room for the on-record debut of backing vocalists Tasseomancy – their fey chanting and odd little interjections add a greater sense of theatre than before, marginally legitimising those Kate Bush comparisons.

I still need to get used to having the Lightman sisters singing in almost every song.

Posted 10 months ago

Melodee Writes: Emika – live at Birthdays, London.

Her performance was full of energy from start to finish and she mingled in with her fans before and after the show to sign copies of Dva after injecting some humour into the proceedings when technical hitches threatened to scupper the beginning of the set.
Posted 10 months ago

The 405 Reviews: Emika - Dva

On Dva (Czech for the number two), her sophomore album, she harnesses some of the power of post-dubsteap á la James Blake or Jamie Woon (as on ‘Mouth To Mouth’), but she also imbues her icy electronica with more pop noises (‘Sing To Me’) and a healthy dose of classical sounds (‘Dem Worlds’). There’s a heady trance feel; there’s a rave aspect that begs exploration. There are times that the electronics are so skewed and serrated, it’s almost reminiscent of the Green Wing soundtrack, like on ‘Searching’. She ably escapes the confines of a dying genre by producing something far more unique.
Posted 10 months ago

Review: Emika - Dva | NBHAP

Posted 10 months ago

Emika review

pale-skinned introverts will be sitting in darkened rooms with the curtains drawn, waiting for winter’s return and listening to Dva, the second album from dubsteppy mistress of doom Emika.
Well, in reality the music is not that depressing and “mistress of doom” is a harsh title for a cheerful person like Emika.
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Posted 1 year ago

Melodee Writes' The Knife album review

I do think it ‘s a bit lazy to write it off as going off into a path that will lose people, and if it does, so what? That’s the privilege Karin and Olaf talk of in their interview, a privileged point that they can do as they please which is part of their charm. Yes, there’s an ambient thing going on for almost 20 minutes that will test the patience of some, but it’s still good and could be used to meditate to (come on positive spin), it’s no accident it’s called ‘Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realised’.
Posted 1 year ago

Lindsay Zoladz writes a great review about The Knife's new album

"It provides a glimpse into the desires, intellectual enthusiasms and (unsurprisingly dense) reading list guiding one of music’s most shadowy duos. At its most mesmerizing, its conceptual rigor and occasional inscrutability are overpowered by a disarming earnestness: It is a musical manifesto advocating for a better, fairer, weirder world."

Posted 1 year ago


Read Douglas Wolk’s review of Depeche Mode’s 13th album, Delta Machine.

That Pitchfork review doesn’t come as a surprise. I disagree.

Posted 1 year ago

Grimes live review from the Philippines

"A YouTube comment neatly sums up Grimes to the uninitiated: ‘This girl is weird, but she’s definitely growing on me.’ Yes, that’s what she does :)